What Our Customers Have To Say
"( Barbara) has a cute site where you can order already finished articles or just the plain unfinished. This lady answered me right back and that impressed me. Usually, these types of people don't bother with us little guys, they want the big orders. These were $4 each and I got 4 of them. She sent them as soon as she got my check just like she said. I was impressed with her."

Nancy--Ft. Walton Beach, Florida


"You are a fab person and I just loved my classes!"

Mary Jane--Homer City, Pennsylvania


...your candleholders are even prettier in real life-a rarity! We both just love them, and they'll be a key component in what's shaping up to be a memorable holiday issue. (Really. I wish I could show you some of the other beautiful projects you'll be keeping company with.) "Simple" (as in "classic") and "lovely" were a couple of adjectives I can definitely attribute; Another thing Cheryl said, which I wholeheartedly second, is that your step-by-steps are recognizable at fifty feet. They're always painted so well; it's a relief....

Jake, SDP Decorative Painter Magazine

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