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Elegant Poinsettias

  Elegant Poinsettias - $8.50

Media misters and stencils add texture to the background of this poinsettia ornament which wraps around the tree-shaped ornament. Glitter paint adds a bit of bling to these elegant ornaments.


1 photo plus step-by-step color worksheet

Harriet's Apple Pan

  Harriet's Apple Pan - $8.50

This design is inspired by a design originally painted on the floor of a bread basket probably painted by Harriet Butler, the daughter of Aaron and Sarah Butler. Aaron Butler most likely began his apprenticeship as a tin-smith at the age of 15, and apprenticed for 3-5 years. He operated a tinshop in East Greenville, New York, circa 1824-1855. I thought the design was so pretty, I chose to put it on the sides of the apple pan so it is more visible.


2 photos

Holiday Frolic

  Holiday Frolic - $9.50

A stenciled holly design adds some texture to the background under the frolicking holly and ribbon which go around three sides of these chunky candle-holders. This is designed to use the candle-holders right next to each other, with the design matching across, or to use separately. Glitter paints add seasonal glitz! Add some paint and snow and glitter to LED tea lights to complete the look.


4 photos plus step-by-step color worksheet

Joyous Noel

  Joyous Noel - $8.50

You know I love the antique-look and wanted that on these ornaments and I love painting holly so "Joyous Noel" was born. Since it's for Christmas, glitter was involved.


3 photos + step-by-step color worksheet

Love Locks

  Love Locks - $12.00

When we visited Paris several years ago, I was touched to hear about the Love Locks bridge over the Seine River which runs through Paris. Lovers place locks on the bridge to mark their love. Many were cut off in 2016 as the weight was pulling the bridges down! Some still remain and we attached our lock in 2017. This design has many elements--collage paper background, texture crackles, DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics, DecoArt Metallic Lustre: Gold Rush; heart cut-out; Love Locks Bridge photo; DecoArt Decoupage; etc.


1 photo, step-by-step color worksheet, Love Locks Bridge print, je t'aime print

Love Unites Us

  Love Unites Us - $8.50

This is my interpretation of a design on an antique tea pot. I changed it up a bit by adding some stenciling and gradation of color to the background to add a little more interest. I just love the sentiment!


4 photos

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas - $9.00

The slip-slap background using pale greens and lavenders gives a bit of texture to this Christmas design. The background leaves, etc. fade into the background, making the main design stand out. This is a great addition to your holiday decor!


5 photos

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