Easter Fraktur
Easter Fraktur   Price: $8.50

Watercolor and ink were the mediums used for painting frakturs (a folk art form produced by Pennsylvania Germans mainly during the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. The name comes from a German script marked by "fractured" pen strokes and it has roots in European folk culture. Fraktur became a rich and colorful form in the United States and was used to create birth records, wedding records, death records, etc.) Painted on wooden dominoes, this design is my interpretation of this art-form. This design is very functional and can be used in many ways. This photo shows the dominoes in a faux- grained frame, making it look a bit more like the antique it resembles. Attach a pin back to each one and you have three pins to add decoration to your wardrobe! Line them on a shelf and you have small decorations for the smallest area!

Beginner, Intermediate

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