The Red Rose and The Briar
The Red Rose and The Briar   Price: $9.00

I have loved the Irish ballad, "Barbara Allen", for decades--it's sad, but lovely as well. It tells the story of sweet William, who is dying, and sends for Barbara Allen, who treats him poorly. On the way home, she realizes what she has done and hears the "death bell knelling". She soon dies, probably of a broken heart, knowing how she hurt William. They are buried near each other in two different cemeteries. "The Red Rose and the Briar" is based on this lovely song and especially the last two verses: "They buried William in the old church yard and Barbara in the new one; And from William's grave there grew a rose, from Barbara's a green briar. They grew and grew in the old church yard, 'til they could grow no higher. And there they tied in a true lover's knot, the red rose and the briar".

The background of this design is a celtic knot of sorts, weaving in and out. The briar rose on the right has a lot of thorns, representing Barbara, and red rose is for William. The stem is tied in a lover's knot above.


1 photo plus step-by-step color worksheet


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